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Code: M3
Price: 29.95
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Mokosh is a Slavic goddess who is also known as Mokysha, Mokos and Mokush. She is connected with female activities such as shearing, spinning and weaving. She is the spinner of the thread of Life and is closely associated with Fate and Time. She is the Divine Mother of the rich, moist Earth who brings forth all manner of bountiful harvests. Her name is derived from the word combination 'maty kota' which means 'mother of the cat,' that is 'mother of good fortune.' She is the protector of women as well as occult knowledge and divination. Because it is she who supplied the means for survival, she is also associated with life and death matters. The day of the week devoted to Mokosh is Friday. This is a silver pendant measuring 20mm wide by 36mm high plus the bale.