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Herbs, Roots & Resins
Attributes in bold are required.
Herbs, Roots & Resins Alum Crystals *
Angelica Root - C/S
Archangel Root - C/S
Basil Leaf - C/S
Benzoin Gum
Black Diamond Resin
Blessed Thistle - C/S
Brimstone Powder
Calamus * - C/S
Catnip - C/S
Chamomile Flowers - C/S
Cinquefoil - C/S
Coltsfoot - C/S
Comfrey Leaf
Damiana Leaf * - C/S
Dill Seed - WH
Eucalyptus Leaf - C/S
Feverfew / Tansy - CS
Five Finger Grass - C/S
Forest Blend Resin
Galangal Root - C/S
Hawthorn Tops - C/S
Hibiscus Flowers
Holy Herb - C/S
Hyssop - C/S
Juniper Berries - WH
Lavender Buds - WH
Love Herbs - C/S
Marigold Flowers - C/S
Marshmallow Flowers
Master of Woods - C/S
May Appleroot * - C/S
Mistletoe * - C/S
Mugwort * - C/S
Nutmeg of India - WH
Oak Bark - C/S
Passion Flower - C/S
Peppermint Leaf - C/S
Pine Resin
Rose Buds - WH
Rosemary Leaf - C/S
St. John's Wort * - C/S
Sassafras Leaf * - C/S
Spearmint Leaf - C/S
Sulphur Powder
Thyme Leaf - C/S
Tragacanth Gum Powder
Verbena - C/S
Vervain - C/S
White Willow - C/S
Witch Hazel Leaf - C/S
Witches Grass - C/S
Wormwood - C/S
Yarrow - C/S